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“I first heard about Carolyn Lim’s Pilates classes from a magazine article from 8 years ago.  Not only did Pilates help me with my flexibility and core strength, it also helped me to improve my balance and posture.
Carolyn is the kind of teacher who constantly updates herself on the latest trends and techniques and applies it to all students, which appeals very much to me.  Although she is best known for having the most advanced Pilates program in the country, Carolyn makes it a point to go back to basics because according to her, proper form and posture is still the foundation for effective Pilates.”


With Balanced Body since 2000
Pilates Mat, Allegro

“My tummy is my main problem area and I’ve found Pilates to be the most effective way to strengthen and tone my core area.  Carolyn’s use of the foam roller, balls, rings, sliders and the bands keep the class challenging and interesting.  You’ll never get bored!”

With Balanced Body since 1999
Pilates Mat, Individual Pilates

“Since I started Pilates 6 years ago, I’ve had a leaner more toned body which never goes unnoticed considering my age.  I also became stronger and my posture improved naturally.  Then I started Gyrokinesis 3 years ago and that was the perfect complement to Pilates.  It made me more flexible and increased my range of motion.  It is for me the best workout for women my age – no joint impact and stimulates the release of tension, both physical and mental.
I’ve stayed with Balanced Body because Carolyn is a dedicated teacher.  Even if it’s a mat class, her method exudes a personalized touch.  Pilates and Gyro are both challenging workouts but the rewards are truly worth it.  Yes, you can say I’m addicted.”

With Balanced Body since 2002
Pilates Mat, Gyrokinesis

“The first time I encountered Pilates was 8 years ago. Carol’s class was featured on TV --  I saw people doing exercises and was just amazed at the strength of their abs. I decided to give it a try and when I signed up, little did I know it helped me where I needed it most.

My posture was never correct. I used to slouch from grade school and onwards. Many years have passed since then and I was very shocked when one day someone told me: ” Please don’t feel offended when I tell you this, you are very pretty, but you would even look prettier if you didn’t slouch.”

Ouch….that hurt. I never realized that my posture was getting worse and no matter how much I tried to stand straight, it wouldn’t look right, I would seem so stiff, and later on, I would go back to slouching again. I even bought an elastic vest with 2 plastic vertical back plates for pushing the back and pulling back the shoulders, but that didn’t work either. It was frustrating.

When I started with Pilates, I could hardly do any of the exercises…  it was an effort to sit up, I couldn’t bring up my legs without using momentum and when I was instructed to “swim” (lie on my stomach, reaching out both hands and legs out and move them like swimming), push up or do the swan dive, I couldn’t do them at all.  That’s when I knew that my back muscles were very weak. Still, I persevered, forcing myself to go to class continuously when it was so tempting to just stay home and watch TV. Much to my surprise, in just a few months’ time, the exercises didn’t seem that hard anymore.

Gradually, over the years, I realized I was slowly building and building the strength of my back, abs and legs. My husband, who also used to remind me endlessly to stand up straight, stopped reminding and never complains when I go for Pilates/Gyrokinesis. He saw the difference too.

Pilates, now combined with Gyrokinesis, is helping me even more. I am able to incorporate the Principle of Opposition with my Pilates exercises where the opposition of forces activates the muscles of the legs, abs, and back altogether. Doing these exercises has given me confidence because not only do I look better, but I feel better. I can fit into a swimsuit without being worried of bulges here and there.

 I have been in Gyrokinesis for 6 years now and it has done wonders for me too. The exercises may seem a bit “different” in the beginning but as you keep doing them over the years, they become harder and harder… even harder than Pilates. It’s multi-dimensional, covering most importantly, lengthening of the spine, increasing the flexibility of the spine, arms, legs and gradually opening of the tight joints all over the body. Weight bearing exercises are also done not only to strengthen but also to delay the onslaught of osteoporosis. All in all, these exercises physically release stress and toxins from the body; leaving one feeling so very, very relaxed and happy after class.

As long as Carol will be there to teach, I will be there to learn. Thanks to her, I am now able to stand straight after slouching for so many years, build strengths I never knew I had, know how to move my body so as to avoid injuries and most of all, look good. Being her student for 8 years now, I have seen her classes evolve and change for the better. Unfortunately, for one to experience the full benefits of these exercises, a few sessions are never enough. Be patient, be persevering, and in the end, you will find that it was worth all the effort.”

With Balanced Body since 2000
Pilates Mat, Gyrokinesis

“Having developed scoliosis in my early teens meant being plagued with lower back pain almost daily.  The frequency and severity increased with age as the curvature increased.  Upon joining Pilates mat classes, the pain which I’ve come to expect at the end of the day has disappeared.  I don’t even remember when I had it last.”

With Balanced Body since 2000
Pilates Mat

“I had injured my back and therapy wasn’t working for me so I stopped.  That’s when my mom asked me to join her Pilates class.  Within a few months, my back pain went away and I felt stronger.  Pilates has become a way of life for me.”

With Balanced Body since 2003
Pilates Mat, Allegro
"Part of my work entails me to sit several hours in front of the computer.  I was able to tolerate this posture until I developed persistent pain and tingling sensation from my neck radiating down to my hand.  Diagnostic tests confirmed degenerative spondylitic changes in my cervical spine with nerve impingement and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
Rehabilitation and pain medication afforded me relief, albeit temporary.  Thus, I almost consented to surgery as the pain became chronic and debilitating.  Then Carolyn suggested I try Gyrokinesis.  In just my third session, the pain has significantly decreased.  I have never been more pain-free, functional and fit than ever before with my regular Gyrokinesis, Pilates, and aerobics.  I have tried all forms of work out in the past but nothing compares to joining Carolyn’s studio. 

Carolyn remains to be the most effective teacher in helping one achieve a youthful and healthy body.”
With Balanced Body since 2000
Aerobics, Pilates Mat, Gyrokinesis
"The past 9 years of Pilates workouts has been my constant source of physical and mental strength. My once recurrent back pains and injuries from my other sports have disappeared or have healed quickly compared to before. My physical conditioning has greatly improved. And because of this reconditioning my mental as well as my emotional well being has given me a “feel good” attitude in my day-to-day life."
With Balanced Body since 1999
Pilates Mat
"I am writing as a 49 year old woman who has been diagnosed at the age of 14 with scoliosis. My orthopedic surgeon at the time indicated I had two choices, operate or wear a full back brace and exercise for 4 years. I took the latter option and kept the curves under control.

A few years ago, the intensive travel schedule in my work caused me to neglect regular exercise and I came down with acute back pain. The orthopedic surgeon I consulted here in Manila at General Santos Hospital took one look at the x-ray and asked what type of exercise regime I was undertaking. When I mentioned “occasional swimming and floor exercise” his response was “you either start a serious exercise program or we will have to perform surgery”. I told him a friend of mine was taking Gyrokinesis classes and his indication to me was “start immediately and keep at it.”

I have been taking Carolyn Lim’s Gyrokinesis group class now for over 2 year, together with Pilates and am struck by the results – while I still have tightness in my back, the searing pain has disappeared. Furthermore, I notice a lot more flexibility in my movements and decreasing pain further to deep stretching. I am much stronger, healthier, and happier. Carolyn always makes me smile even when pushing me to work harder! Her Gyrokinesis floor exercise is an excellent holistic fitness regime that also allows for much greater self-awareness, as well as physical strength and balance. The Pilates group class strengthens the abdominals and improves the results of the Gyrokinesis deep stretching. She makes the group a very dynamic, positive and supportive environment. Many thanks, Carolyn!"
  - MADELEINE (growing taller)
With Balanced Body since 2007
Pilates Mat, Gyrokinesis
"The reason I decided to give Pilates classes a try was because of an aching lower back every morning after a night of badminton games. It was to the point where I had to lean on my bathroom countertop just so that I could support myself while brushing my teeth.

I heard about Carolyn Lim through my twin sister. When I saw her demonstrating sit ups, I thought to myself, how on earth could I even think of doing a simple sit up with my back pain? It was absolutely impossible!!

Well, 5 years and 6 months later, here I am, still enrolled in Carolyn’s Pilates classes. I have to honestly say that I wouldn’t have reached this point had it not been for the excellence of Carolyn’s teaching. Just seeing her demonstrate the moves is already such inspiration for me. And the best part of it is Carolyn truly cares for each student. After all these years, she still takes the time and the effort to slowly & gently correct and refine our moves without pressuring us…repeating and repeating important points for us to remember. There are so many variations in the exercises...still so much to learn that each class is never exactly the same.

After seeing my back pain almost completely gone, and seeing myself become stronger & more flexible over time, no way was I going to lose what I have built up over the years. Best of all, at 52, I can still easily carry my 3-1/2 year old granddaughter! Thanks to Pilates and Carolyn!"
With Balanced Body since 2003
Pilates Mat

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